Best Capsule Coffee Machine LBCM021

  • Multi capsule for( Nespresso,Dolce gusto,Coffee Powder)
  • Cute and Fashion Patent Design
  • Special design for Multicapsule Brewing System(Unique)
  • Special design for 2 Level Cups Settings
  • Drawer-type Capsule holder Easy to use
  • Button Easy for you choose 7 Level Volume
  • 7 Level LED Volume Select Easy to Know
  • Cold and Hot drink you choose
  • Energy saving function within 9mins ErP, Auto shut off

The Capsule Coffee Machine LBCM021 is a versatile coffee maker that is compatible with multi capsules, including Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, and coffee powder. Its unique feature allows users to enjoy a variety of coffee options based on their preferences. The machine boasts a cute and fashionable patent design, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen or office space. With its sleek appearance and multiple capsule options, the Capsule Coffee Machine LBCM021 offers both convenience and style for coffee lovers.

Multicapsule Brewing System

The LBCM021 is a specially designed Multicapsule Brewing System that features unique characteristics. With its special design for 2 Level Cups Settings, this system allows for versatile brewing options and a customized coffee experience. It is tailored for those who appreciate convenience, efficiency, and a wide range of beverage choices. The LBCM021 is the perfect solution for users looking for a versatile and innovative brewing system.

Choose 7 Level Volume

LBCM021 is a versatile beverage machine that offers the convenience of easy button selection for your preferred drink. With 7 levels of volume control and 7 levels of LED volume selection, you can easily adjust the drink to your liking. Additionally, this machine allows you to choose between cold and hot drinks, providing you with the flexibility to enjoy your beverages just the way you like them. Its user-friendly features and customizable options make it a great choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free and tailored beverage experience.

9mins ErP Auto shut off

LBCM021 is a cutting-edge device with advanced features designed to optimize energy efficiency. One of its key characteristics is the Energy Saving Function that automatically activates within 9 minutes, complying with ErP regulations. This function helps conserve energy and reduce power consumption when the device is not in use. Additionally, the Auto Shut Off feature ensures that the device turns off automatically after a certain period of inactivity, further contributing to energy savings. Overall, LBCM021 is equipped with these energy-saving capabilities to promote sustainability and efficiency in its operation.

Coffee Machine OEM Factory

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