Coffee Machine for Home

Coffee Machine for Home

Coffeemax coffee machines for home come in a wide range of configurations. From entry-level home espresso machines to fully automatic home coffee machines. Our coffee-making machines for home are designed to offer unmatched flexibility, and maximum durability with easy-to-clean features.

With one of the most sought-after coffer-making machines for your home, Coffeemax can also redesign the machines to specific customer requirements. Whether you want a single-serve coffee maker or a dual coffee maker, Coffeemax is your best partner in China.

Types of Coffeemax Home Coffee Making Machines

We offer the best coffee maker machine for homes with many functionalities that can handle many coffee recipes. From coffee roasting machines for home to espresso coffee machines for home, Coffeemax machines come in varying capacities for both small and large families.

You may choose Coffeemax coffee machine for home with milk frother or a coffee machine with grinder. Alternatively, we have a newly redesigned bean-to-cup coffee machine for home. Whichever option you need, Coffeemax offers the perfect machines for memorable and delicious coffee at home. Coffeemax makes the coffee brewing experience more exciting.

Generally, we have two options:

· Coffeemax Automatic Coffee Machine for Home

They are electrically driven with pumps enough to make your favorite coffee at home. By configuring the machine and pressing the button, these machines grind coffee, brew, froth milk, and even pull the short. These machines may feature in-built grinders and integrated pressure gauges.

Of course, they are easy to operate. Although they are slightly more expensive than manual options, Coffeemax guarantees competitive prices for every home coffee-making machine.

· Coffeemax Manual Coffee Maker Machine for Home

Alternatively, you may choose a manual coffee maker machine for your family. Although they are some of the most affordable series, these machines do not have electronic pumps. They have an easy-to-use manual pumping system to produce enough coffee brewing pressure.

At Coffeemax, we understand that choosing the right coffee machine for your family can be a difficult process. A reason our team is here to help – talk to us now.


Fully Automatic Espresso Machine


Fully Automated Coffee Machine

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Nespresso Capsule Coffee Machine


Single Serve Coffee Machine

Manual Pump Espresso Machine


Automatic Coffee Grinder

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Coffee Machine OEM Factory

If you need a coffee machine specifically tailored to your requirements, Coffeemax is your best supplier. We offer OEM machines that will perfectly suit your applications.
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