Coffee Machine Hacks: Unleash the Inner Potential Barista Using Your Appliance

Aren’t you tired of the constant disappointments from bland brews? Fear not! Let’s unlock the hidden potential that your coffee machine might be having. Use these unexpected hacks to transform your coffee making experience.

Machinery Mastery

Exploit the Pre-heating Power: Ensure you don’t let your coffee machine shiver.

Instead, let it pass through a cycle of preheating the brewing system and the carafe using only water. A hotter temperature leads to a happier extraction

Filter Finesse: Ensure your coffee maker comes with the best filter. If you are into manual drip means please ditch the paper filters. Invest in reusable filters for fresh and better results.

Bloom like a Pro: If you are using drip coffee machines, it is better to pour a little amount of water from the ground and let it settle for 30 seconds. This will help release carbon-dioxide and prepare the brew for even extraction which is a step away from avoiding bitterness in coffee.


Level up your Beans

Freshness: Develop being a fanatic of freshly roasted coffee online or locally instead of focusing on the supermarket stale beans. Most of the times it’s not your coffee machine that’s the problem, you will have to take the blame too if you don’t use the best roasted coffee beans! Ensure you grind them prior to brewing to achieve maximum flavor.

Strong Grinder: Fine grind for Espresso, coarse grind for french press, and medium for drip. Experiment to find your perfect brew.

Think beyond Just the Beans:Try and spice things up. A pinch of cardamom,

cinnamon, or citrus peels will make you fall in love with your coffee maker more.

Bonus Hacks

Cleanliness: Descaling your machine regularly helps obtain optimal performance while at the same time avoids mineral buildup.

Beans Storage: Don’t blame manufacturers for your laziness! An airtight-stored beans that is away from light or heat preserves freshness.


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