Coffee Maker On-Site Tests and Inspection Checklist

Coffee Maker On-Site Tests and Inspection Checklist

Coffee Maker On-Site Tests and Inspection Checklist

Pre-shipment inspections, production inspections, and other on-site tests are usually performed during every product inspection. These tests use a bigger sample size to complement the laboratory test results. Therefore, providing easy logistics and cost-effectiveness.

Below are the different on-site tests performed by our expert inspectors during the pre-shipment inspections.

Input Power Checking

This test includes heating the coffee maker:

  • >200W, between +5% and -10%
  • ~200W, between ±10% of 25W
  • ≤25W, within +20%

Carton Drop

Another way to check the coffee makers are carton dropping. The carton is dropped facing 6 sides, 3 edges, and 1 corner at different heights depending on its weight including:

  • <9.5 KG (30 inches)
  • 5KG-18.6KG (24 inches)
  • 6KG-27.7KG (18 inches)
  • 7KG-45.3KG (12 inches)
  • 3KG-68KG (8 inches)

Function Checking

There are five tests we perform to check each coffee maker’s function. It includes:

  • Testing the power on/off
  • Function testing of the Led indicator light
  • Checking if the minute and hour buttons are displayed
  • Checking if the Program button is working
  • Checking if all the detailed functions written in the manual or packaging are working

Rub Checking
Rub Checking

The electro-plated or silkscreen-printed markings and rating labels in each coffee maker are rubbed for 15 seconds using cotton dripped in water.

Internal Checking
Internal Checking

Each coffee maker is opened and visually check the workmanship to ensure that each component is complete and functional. We also make sure that each component is compliant with Construction Data Form.

Running Test
Running Test

In this test, each coffee maker is operated continuously for 4 hours.

Stability Testing

Each coffee maker is placed in an inclined position, normally at 15° angle.

Application Testing

The coffee maker is used or operated for its specific function.

Fatigue Test

The plug and switch buttons are tested 20 times.

Hi-Pot Test
  • 3500V for Class II
  • 1500V for Class I
Earth Continuity Checking
  • ≤0.1Ω, 25A for 1 second

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