Coffee Maker with Timer

Coffeemax coffee maker with timer is a new generation of coffee machine offering unmatched convenience, and precision for a bold coffee brewing process. Equipped with programmable software, this automatic coffee maker with a timer allows for easy configuration during the coffee-making process.

With the timing feature, you will know the coffee extraction time, evaluate coffee quality, or program the machine to brew coffee at a specific time. As your trusted coffee machine manufacturer in China, Coffeemax offers unlimited custom features depending on client requirements.

Features of Coffee Make with Timer

Our coffee-making machine has robust features making it your go-to-machine in coffee brewing:

Brew later feature – The coffee maker timing feature allows the machine to brew coffee at specific times. You can set the coffee machine timer ahead such that it starts brewing coffee when you wake up or at a specific time of choice. For instance, you can schedule the coffee brewing process ahead of time. Let’s say the machine makes coffee 24 hours in advance.

Additionally, you will know the coffee brewing cycle and strength. You can view all the settings on the LCD display.

Digital Clock – It displays the timing configurations after programming.

Easy to program – Coffeemax coffee machines are easy to program. Although the programming buttons vary with the design, you can easily configure the machine to any mode of operation.

Auto-shut off/pause – A coffee maker with a timer and auto shut off/pause can automatically pause the coffee brewing process. At the same time, it will automatically turn off the coffee maker machine after a specified duration.

Easy to clean and maintain – Our coffee-making machines with timers are manufactured according to the cGMP requirements, hence easy to clean. We have also simplified the design for easy maintenance. Most parts of our coffer maker machines are dishwashable.

Multiple brewing options – you can choose regular coffee, bold coffee, or the number of coffee cups.

At Coffeemax, we trust our craftsmanship and integrating technology in the coffee brewing process. Our coffee machine replacement parts are easily available. We offer a 1-year limited warranty for all our coffee machines.

Types of Coffee Maker with Programmable Timer

A distinct feature of the Coffeemax coffee-making machine is the timer. However, we have incorporated other features to enhance performance and adaptability.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Also called a single-serve brewing machine, Coffeemax has designed this equipment to produce a single cup of coffee or enough coffee for one portion. In most cases, the machine is available as a small coffee maker with a timer.

Double Coffee Maker with Timer

Coffeemax dual coffee-making machine with timer allows you to brew coffee in multiple ways. For example, you may have a drip coffee option and a pod-based coffee machine.

Coffee Maker with Timer and Grinder

This machine grinds coffee beans for brewing coffee. All you need is high-quality coffee beans for the brewing process.

When it comes to coffee-making machines, Coffeemax offers unlimited design options that meet dynamic industry standards. At Coffeemax, we support your OEM coffee making machine businesses with our low MOQ.

For competitive prices on coffee makers with programmable timers, contact us now.

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