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  • LBCMA007

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine LBACM007

  • 4.3-inch LCD capacitive touch, one-click coffee making
  • Built-in refrigerated milk jar to keep milk fresh
  • Upgrade the WiFi function and customize the coffee function from your phone
  • Alloy steel beanmill taper blade, quick beanmill 1.5g/s
  • Innovative brewing group, 7-15g large extraction capacity
  • Pump damping pressure relief module, damping and noise reduction
  • Independent heating, coffee, steam operation do not interfere with each other, high production efficiency

In 2020, we independently developed the LBACM007 machine. Our innovative horizontal brewing group effectively increases extraction capacity and all parts can be extracted and cleaned. There are also innovative features such as a small built-in refrigerator to keep milk fresh and WiFi. This machine is fully functional and you can make up to 11 kinds of drinks.

LBCMA007 1

Alloy taper blade:

The alloy steel bevel grinding blade helps you to grind beans quickly, at a speed of 1.5g/s, which is very efficient. And it uses a commercial-grade design, you can adjust the thickness of the grinding beans you want according to the actual needs, to meet your diverse needs.

Horizontal brewer:

The innovative horizontal brewer achieves a large extraction capacity of 7-15g, and you can get a rich and mellow Italian concentration at the touch of a button, which is convenient and fast. And our brewers can be easily removed and thoroughly cleaned as a whole, helping you get the cleanest fresh coffee every time.

LBCMA007 2
LBCMA007 3

Patented built-in refrigerator:

Built-in mini fridge with prompt system. Help you keep your milk at a constant temperature and keep it fresh for longer. Reduce the number of steps to add milk every time, and get a cup of milk coffee faster. There is also a built-in milk foam intake adjustment system with a patent, by electronic control to adjust, accurate.

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