Important Techniques and Variables in Brewing Drip Coffee

A drip coffee maker is a machine designed to make coffee by dripping hot water to your preferred coffee beans placed on a filter. It’s convenience and simplicity makes it a great choice of making coffee. Check out these important techniques and variables when brewing using a drip coffee maker.

Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Achieving an optimal brew flavor and strength requires one to use the right coffee-to- water ratio. A recommended ratio normally falls within 1.15-1.18. That further insinuates that in every one part of coffee, 15 to 18 parts of water should come in handy. We advise that you experiment this ideal recommendation to find a perfect balance based on your individual taste preferences.

Filter Types/ Effects

Variable filter types alter the taste of the coffee. Permanent Filters like metal filters normally allow fine particles or more oil to pass thereby giving the drink a bolder taste. In another instance, paper filters work differently. They retain more solubles and residues thus offering a clear and clean cup.

Brewing Temperature

You require an ideal temperature in order to extract compounds and flavors from   ground coffee. Coffeemax drip coffee makers have a precise and consistent temperature control feature for an unique brewing experience.

Grind Size

Extraction process is dependent on the grind size during the brewing process. The perfect size for a drip coffee maker is a medium grind. Consistency in it means uniform   extraction and nice flavor.

Brewing and Contact Time

This refers to the time water interact with ground coffee. In order to achieve a well balanced flavor, a 4 to 6 minute duration is considered an ideal time.


Following the mentioned techniques can help come up with a perfect coffee drink that suits your preferences. Paying attention to the mentioned aspects is taking advantage of affordability, simplicity, and improvised performance of the drip coffee makers.

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