Stainless Steel Coffee Machine

Stainless Steel Coffee Machine

Coffeemax stainless steel coffee machine is made from food stainless steel (SS) approved by the FDA. Our stainless steel coffee-making machine is durable and offers exceptional heat retention capability.

With years of experience in the coffee machine-making industry, Coffeemax only uses stainless steel to make specific parts. This ensures safety, and efficiency while reducing the overall cost of the SS coffee machine.

Whether you want a fully automatic espresso machine, semi-automatic coffee machine, or manual coffee machine, Coffeemax will advise you on the best places to use stainless steel. For all your custom stainless steel coffee maker machines, contact us now.

Why Buy Coffeemax SS Coffee Machine

We have designed a reliable stainless steel coffee maker machine for a memorable coffee brewing experience. Here is why you should consider our Coffeemax SS coffee maker machines:

  • Affordable in the long run; although the initial cost is high, Coffeemax coffee machines are durable, easy to maintain, and hygienic.
  • Maintain coffee taste; stainless steel is virtually inert. Therefore, it will maintain the coffee taste and aroma since it will not react with coffee. You will enjoy fresher coffee drinks.
  • Best surface finish; stainless steel coffee machines have better and custom surface finish. You can choose a polished and lustrous surface finish.
  • Better heat insulation; brewed coffee will maintain the desired temperature for a long time. With Coffeemax double-walled design, our thermal carafe is cool to touch, while maintaining the best coffee temperature.
  • Sleek design; even when you consider aesthetics, the Coffeemax SS coffee machine comes in sleek designs.

How to Choose SS Coffee Machine

At times, deciding on the best custom stainless steel coffee machine can be challenging without the right information. A reason the Coffeemax team is here to help you decide on the;

  • Brewing capacity depending on needs and preference
  • Type of carafe where we use stainless steel material for better thermal insulation
  • Coffee brewing options allow you to choose various brewing strengths
  • Ease of use with control or button with automated processes available upon request
  • Coffee filter where you can choose stainless steel coffee filter or paper filter

As you trusted stainless steel coffee machine manufacturer in China, Coffeemax is here to support your business. For all your OEM SS coffee-making machines, request for our catalog now.


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Coffee Machine OEM Factory

If you need a coffee machine specifically tailored to your requirements, Coffeemax is your best supplier. We offer OEM machines that will perfectly suit your applications.
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