Coffee Machine Manufacturer: The Ultimate Guide for Automatic Coffee Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are a coffee machine seller, it is vital to help your clients know the appropriate way to maintain and clean the machines for efficient use, durability, and ultimately good coffee taste. As manufacturers, we give you first-hand tips to recommend to your customers.


The majority of individuals get so caught up in their daily routines that they forget that one of the machines used on the daily also requires significant maintenance in order for superb delivery of coffee. As manufacturers, we would like to point out that under no circumstance do any maintenance tips surpass those indicated in a product’s user manual. Therefore, before giving the rest of the tips consideration, focus on the user manual tip recommendations should be prioritized. The cleaning and maintenance procedures sometimes vary depending on the product type and design.

Coffee machine customer going through a customer user-manual

Let your clients always refer to the product’s user-manual for independent instructions of cleaning or maintaining the product on hand.


Emptying the Coffee Ground Container and the Drip Tray Drip tray is an essential part of the coffee machine as it’s regularly under operation. To prevent overflow or mold growth, it is essential to regularly empty it. Used ground coffee should be disposed of too.

Rinse-cleaning of the drip tray and the coffee grinding container

recommends that your clients rinse the mentioned parts with clean soapy water and allow the parts to dry.

Longbank Factory employee checking out the coffee spout from one of our automatic coffee machine models

Coffee Spouts cleaning-Our automatic coffee machines have removable coffee spouts that allow for easy cleaning. we recommend that they are rinsed on the daily(preferably soapy warm water) to clean up any coffee residue.

Wiping exterior parts-You might want to agree with us that enjoying coffee is not just about preparation. The environment within and the outlook of the product used also adds a positive welcoming urge. We recommend that daily cleaning of the exterior parts of the coffee machine is essential.  A clean damp cloth to remove dust and coffee sputters does wonders. Let your clients try that!



Cleaning the coffee Bean BinOur newly introduced automatic coffee machine model has a unique feature of a double bean hopper that allows two different coffee flavors. However, a non-clean hopper hinders one from achieving the end desired result of different flavors in coffee.

Check out our DOUBLE coffee beans bin from our LBACM007 automatic coffee machine

DE-Calcify-If you are using any type of water other than the normal purified water, there are higher chances that calcium clogs up over time. Thus, we recommend that you utilize the calcifying tablets or liquid indicated in the user manual and follow the instructions given too.

Water reservoir maintenance– A thorough rinse is required to remove any existing residue.

Coffee grounds chute cleaning– Generally involves residual removal using a vacuum cleaner or brush.




Professional Service-We recommend that you seek professional service once a year especially if you are using your machine frequently. It helps identify any abnormalities that might not necessarily be visible during the regular cleaning and maintenance sessions.


General Precautions:

Unplug products before undertaking any maintenance or cleaning tasks

Descaling and use of filtered water is recommended to reduce minerals clogging on the product.

Use cleaning and maintenance tools recommended by the product manufacturer for efficient results.


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