Condiments to Add to your Coffee Routine

Coffee is a lifestyle! That’s what they say. Different people like their coffee tasting in variable ways. To top up or add spice to your coffee experience, we recommend something new to your routine. You don’t have to completely change your regular drink, spicing it up just a little bit is the start towards a new perfect experience. Introduce these ideas to your coffee machine clients to liven up their experiences.


Brighten your morning with a sprinkle of cinnamon on your fancy coffee drink. This powder works magic on some tea, latte, or even cappucinno.


Add a little bit of hazelnut touch to your espresso drink by adding nutella into the mix. Stirring a spoonfull of nutella to the drink sweetens the brew even more.


Don’t limit the peppermint for café drinks only. Grab some premade peppermint syrups or mint leaves on your way from the supermarket and make yourself some nice peppermint mocha. Adding it on top of a foamy frothed milk is a suitable way to spice things up.


If you haven’t tried this, then there is something you are missing out. This is the least-surprising addition to some hot coffee. Fudge syrup is a good addition.

Ice Cream

Scoop some ice cream to a coffee mug and pour hot coffee on top of it. We highly recommend it for an espresso drink. Mint and cookie dough ice cream make amazing coffee combinations. Thank us later!

Recommend these customization ideas of coffee with any of these toppings to your clients. Let them have a great time!

Coffee Machine OEM Factory

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