Longbank Officially Launches ‘Coffeemax’ a New Coffee Machine Brand

Longbank Colleagues celebrate the Coffeemax Website Launch

On the 16th of September, Longbank officially launched Coffee Machine Brand ‘Coffeemax’. Creating this new brand is aimed at broadening our supply capability to ensure that several coffee machine company brands get to enjoy our manufacturing capabilities. The event witnessed the participation of the management team and some key leaders associated with the production market in the city.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Jack Wang, our E-marketing expert, mentioned that a lot of effort, dedication, and time were essential resources utilized to come up with this ideal brand. ‘We wanted to ensure that most coffee machine companies get to utilize this unique versatility and technological expertise brought by the new brand of products.

Our website says it all.’ says Jack Wang.

Check out the official launch of the Coffeemax website on the video link down below:

Longbank Officially Launches ‘Coffeemax’ a New Coffee Machine Brand

Longbank CEO, Mr. Mathew Cheng highlighted the value of the brand towards revolutionizing coffee machine production worldwide. ‘We are indeed super excited about this advancement. As you all know, our factory has always been top-notch in revolutionizing coffee machine production as far as technology is concerned. I do not to say much about that, It’s out there. But this next move is incredible with good improvised technology, and unique molds, and I can’t wait to see Coffeemax create a remarkable contribution to coffee machine brands out there as their top supplier.

Because we are coming out there…and this time, even much stronger!’.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide our worldwide partners with cutting-edge technology and precise coffee machines.

Coffeemax's (Longbank Brand) Employees at an ongoing production

Whether it’s using espresso machines, semi-automatic machines, or automatic coffee machines, Coffeemax is entirely committed to ensuring that your clients have a perfect coffee-making experience. With our state-of-the-art production lines, you can guarantee unmatched reliability, excellent designs, and unique features that are customized according to your specific requirements.

Our Coffeemax brand comes with a new website designed to major only on the coffee machines that our factory designs. In there, you get to witness the power of versatility that Longbank is renowned for decades now. Coffeemax has come up with ideal machines that will let your customers make their signature coffee with the comfort of the aid of new technology in the products. Whether it’s utilizing your fine Latte art, making some deep roast, or enjoying the aroma of coffee beans from different coffee zones like Kenya, Yemen,or Brazil, Coffeemax has got you covered to ensure that your clients enjoy every single bit.

We applaud the efforts of each and everyone on the team toward seeing the success of the project. If you thought you had seen enough of Longbank, you haven’t seen a thing. Wait until you see Coffeemax revolutionize this market.

Discover our wide range of the most innovative coffee machines on the market by visiting our new brand website: www.coffeemax.com

Coffeemax is Longbank’s coffee machine brand. We are renowned for our manufacturing capabilities having designed several molds on the best automatic coffee machines including these super semi-automatic espresso machines that have revolutionized the market. If you want an ideal coffee machine that will satisfy the needs of your consumers, then Coffeemax is definitely the right choice for you!

Contact us on: info@longbank.com to get the best available deal for your coffee machine brand. It’s all about ‘Innovation with Care’.

Coffee Machine OEM Factory

If you need a coffee machine specifically tailored to your requirements, Coffeemax is your best supplier. We offer OEM machines that will perfectly suit your applications.
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