Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

We Coffeemax keen to developing varietal category semi-automatic coffee machines to meet different customer demands ,from enter-level up to commercial level performance,from home espresso coffee machine to commercial semi-automatic,from single-boiler to double boiler systems, in Coffeemax you will always find a accurate coffee machine. Coffeemax most semi-automatic coffee machines allow you to making your dreaming espresso as the base for longer and creamier coffees, with a milk frothing wand allowing you to create foam steamed milk, and latte art.


Smart Design 19 Bar Nespresso Capsule Coffee Machine


700W 2-in-1 Signle Serve Coffee Maker


Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine with Optional Milk Container

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Easy to Operate

Use Coffeemax semi-automatic coffee machine to unlock a brarista taste coffee at home or office .With simple to use controls, which allow you to brewing the perfect cup of coffee has never been easier. One clicking for making coffee, one clikcing for steam milk, one for power, and a dial for steam pressure. The water temperature display gauge ensures your coffee is brewed at the perfect temperature every time.

Easy to Operate
Precision Temperature Regulation

Precision Temperature Regulation

With PID intelligent temp control allows more accurate and stable coffee temperature,which create a cafe-quality coffee from your hand. The precise is the important key to making a cup of delicious coffee to catering yourself,so choose Coffeemax coffee machine is your wisest decision.

Powerful Steam Wand

Ensure every hit to the right temperature to make silky and well-aerated milk foam every time . Whether you fancy an espresso, cappuccino, latte, or flat white, our power steam wand allows you to create a delicious drink at home like a professional barista. You can also ease yourself with a cup of hot water from our semi-automatic coffee machine.

Powerful Steam Wand
Why do you choose to work with us

Why do you choose to work with us?

1. Competitive factory wholesale prices allow you to make more margin.
2. More than 10 years of exporting experience and Mega customers OEM service provider to assist your business.
3. Excellent customer service with a strong technical team to fully support you to solve aftersale issues.
4. Varietal category semi-automatic coffee machine for your pick, with unparalleled features and functions.
If you are looking for a reliable partner for the semi-automatic coffee machine, please do not hesitate to send your inquiry NOW!

Coffee Machine OEM Factory

If you need a coffee machine specifically tailored to your requirements, Coffeemax is your best supplier. We offer OEM machines that will perfectly suit your applications.
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